Appellate lawyers

At Hegge & Confusione, we have nearly two decades of experience in appellate litigation, including state and federal appeals. We have had the privilege of appearing before the New Jersey Supreme Court numerous times, arguing clients’ cases to victory at the state’s highest appellate level, and making an impact on established law. Whether you need to overturn a conviction or preserve a trial victory, we have the devotion and insight it takes to win complex appellate cases.

On appeal, you need to retain an appellate specialist. Our attorneys know how to present a winning case before appellate judges: We have litigated hundreds of criminal and civil appeals. We give clients the fresh perspective they need for an appeal, and we are committed to true client service, listening to your concerns and tirelessly advocating for you.

We work for a flat fee. Call 800.790.1550 or email us today to learn how our firm provides the zealous appellate advocacy you need.